Survey results

Survey results

On 7 June the Black Horse Steering Group distributed survey forms to households in Dry Drayton, mentioning that we would be outside the village hall the next day to collect and answer questions. Some of you might remember our stand on the pavement outside the polling station.  We also had an online version of the survey running in parallel which many of you preferred to use instead.  We received over 230 responses which far exceeded our expectations.   So a big thank you to all who participated in this survey.

We have analysed the survey and obtained some very helpful information.  We would like now to take this opportunity to share some of these results with you.  Some of what follows was also shown at our public meeting in the School Hall on 6 July. For those who missed our first public meeting or would like to view again what was said then the videos can be viewed by clicking here.

We first asked, via a statement: “Many pubs in the UK have been lost over recent years. We should save the Black Horse.” The response to this statement was overwhelmingly positive at 95%.

We then asked the question: “The pub should be the hub where we can enjoy chance meetings, have a drink or a meal, meet up with friends or take the family or our visitors out. How important is it to have a pub in our village?”  There was a staggering 97% positive response.

Following this we wanted to find out what you really wanted from a pub, so we asked the question: “What would you want out of the Black Horse (tick top five choices)?”

Clearly the top thing you want out of the Black Horse is: “Home cooked traditional food at a good price”, with 210 ticking this box which represents 90% of you.  This is a very high score indeed. Following not too far behind were: “Quiet drink”, “Garden”, “Dinner with friends” and “Sunday lunch” all scoring above 50%.  Also scoring well were: “Cafe during day”, “Play area for families” and “Shop for daily essentials”

We also asked the question “When would you use the Black Horse?” We offered: “Evening pub”, “Lunch pub”, “Morning cafe” and “Afternoon cafe”.  For each of these four we asked you to select: “Yes”, “Maybe” or “No”.

What you want most is a pub that you can go to in the evening.  Also scoring high was a pub at lunch time.  Whilst there was interest in having a cafe at the Black Horse, the responses were mainly “Maybe”.

For the pub to be saved we needed to look at how this would be financed, so we asked the question “Would you consider financially supporting the project (shares and loans could be tax efficient) – tick all that you might consider”.

Most of you liked the idea of owning shares.  Many of you have already pledged to help save the Black Horse however, we still need more of you to help out.  Click here to go to our online pledge form.

The Black Horse Steering Group recognised early on that we would need to also get support from surrounding communities outside Dry Drayton.  So we asked the question: “Where do you live?”

As expected 62% of the responses were from Dry Drayton residents. We also got a high number of responses (25%) from our neighbours in Bar Hill.  In total we we received responses from 27 towns and villages around Dry Drayton.

Without doubt the message we received is that we must save the Black Horse as a pub for the community now and for future generations.

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