Pledges, Videos and News

Pledges, Videos and News

The dust has settled (a little!) after our public meeting on the 6th – and we are very pleased to announce that to date we have raised over £62,300 in pledges, 25% of our desired total already – and pledges keep steadily coming in! We have installed a ‘pledge-o-meter’ graphic on the website which we will make sure stays up to date so everyone can keep an eye on how we are doing (note for readers on mobile phones you need to scroll down to the end of the blog posts to see it – we’re working on fixing that).

A huge thank you to those who have pledged, and also to those who have given us lots of encouragement and support – and thanks once more to those who attended our public meeting on the 6th, we were truly humbled by the turnout and support.

We will be replying individually to those who have pledged – this may take a few days. We aim to have replied to everyone who has so-far pledged by the end of this weekend, so if you haven’t heard anything after that please get in touch.

We’ve had some good press coverage, the Cambridge News ran an article on our effort, and we have been contacted by Cambridge 105 radio. We seem to be on-theme as there has been press attention in the last week about community groups who are buying and successfully running their pubs – for example this great article in the Guardian. There was also a piece about community run pubs on BBC Look East.

Finally, the meeting on the 6th was recorded and has now been expertly edited, ready for your viewing pleasure – we hope this is useful for anyone who wants to go back over the material while they consider making a pledge, or for those who are new to what we are doing and want to get up to speed. The video is in three parts and can be found by clicking here

You can also find the videos on our PLEDGE information page.

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