April 2018 – Latest News

April 2018 – Latest News

We hope everyone has been finding ways to keep out of the cold and the rain lately! It does feel finally like we might be in for some better spring weather, though. The daffodils are in full bloom, the buds are bursting, and we have a quick update from Colin and Amanda on the pub as I’m sure everyone is keen to know what is going on. Colin says:

We’re keen to open.  Unfortunately we cannot always foresee the building hold-ups and the rotten joists underneath part of the floor is just the latest issue we have had to deal with. It is important for us to get the old place as ready as we can do so we don’t encounter issues down the line. It is all taking longer than we’d like but we want to ensure it is done properly.

The main public areas are pretty much done so it’s the final fitting out now. Equipment etc is on order so we hope this last push is more within our control (though we have learned not to take that for granted – we recently ordered some items on next day delivery and it took a fortnight to receive the whole order even though the items were in stock!)

We look forward to giving a firm opening date but aren’t quite there yet!’

The pub is certainly looking fantastic on the outside, and we wish Colin and Amanda all the best for the final push to get the place open once more!

Tip – save the Black Horse tankards also make excellent vases!
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