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Month: June 2017

Plunkett Foundation Bursary

Plunkett Foundation Bursary

Before we go on I’d like to remind readers that we will have a ‘save the pub’ meeting on Thursday the 6th July at 8pm at the Dry Dayton school hall (next to the pub). Everyone is welcome including those from surrounding villages. Please come along and hear what we have been up to and how we plan to save the pub, how you can help and how you can become an investor in a valuable community asset!

Note also that on Tuesday the 4th July there will be a pop up pub in support of our campaign, come along for beers and a BBQ, 6:45pm until late!

We have some good news to share – the Plunkett Foundation have just granted us a £2500 bursary to help with our mission to save the pub!

The Plunkett Foundation is a not for profit organisation that provides expert help and funding to groups such as ours who are looking to set up a community owned enterprise. We are very grateful to the Foundation, and particularly our advisor Alan Collard, for all of the help and support to date especially taking the time to join us at our steering group meetings (which usually go on until quite late!). Alan has been advising us on our business structure, and is also a veteran pub saver having been one of the first to organise a community group to successfully buy his local back in the 1990s.

While we are at it we would also like to thank our other expert advisor, Bernard Lee, from Pub is the Hub for his support of our effort and again for joining us at meetings to offer invaluable advice especially around the day to day business aspects of running a community owned pub, and what has worked well for many of the other 50 successful community owned pubs around the country (note that of those 50 pubs, all are still thriving, and none have failed – 100% success rate so far!).

Pub is the Hub Logo

Plunkett Foundation and Pub is the Hub, we thank you!

Latest News 18-06-2017

Latest News 18-06-2017

It’s been a little while since we’ve posted any updates, but we’ve been very busy!

We’ve confirmed that we will have a ‘save the pub’ meeting on the 6th July at 8pm at the Dry Dayton school hall (next to the pub). Everyone is welcome including those from surrounding villages.

At the ‘save the pub’ meeting as we will be explaining exactly how we will save the pub and presenting our draft business plan and investors prospectus. Please come along and hear what we have to say, we can only save the pub with the help and support of the local community!

On polling day, the 8th of June, we had a stand outside Dry Drayton Village Hall to collect the paper surveys which we had posted through everyone’s door (in Dry Drayton) over the previous week. We were surprised at the almost universal positive response, enjoyed chatting to many locals and we do now know that there is an overwhelming desire from the community to save the pub, which is great news!

We have had a very good response to our survey; 193 responses to date with 70% of responses from Dry Drayton residents, 25% from Bar Hill and the rest from other surrounding villages. We’ve had lots of good feedback and suggestions, thank you! If you haven’t taken part in our survey yet we really would value your input, click HERE to complete the online version.

On Friday the 16th a sub-team of the steering group met to kick off formally writing the business plan for the pub – the plan is to have everything in draft form ready for the 6th July. The Survey feedback and Alan’s advice has been critical – thanks to Alan, and our local community!

We are now being officially supported by the Plunkett Foundation who provide support to communities who are looking to provide a community owned asset (pub, shop, etc.). On Wednesday the 14th we had a visit from Alan Collard, who is and advisor for the Plunkett Foundation. Alan is supporting our application for some seed funding and then (hopefully) for Government grant and loan money (of which there is up to £100,000 available). As well as this Alan is advising us on our legal entity and how to raise money from the local community by (for example) issuing community shares. There are many examples of communities (often smaller than Dry Drayton) having managed to raise enough funds to buy their pubs so we are very optimistic.

Alan Collard from the Plunkett Foundation joins us for our steering group meeting
Online Survey Now Ready

Online Survey Now Ready

A short but serious post today – your views are very important to us, so if you could spare the time to fill in our online survey we would be very grateful as it will help shape the future of the Black Horse.

In due course we will share the results, in the meantime thank you in advance for your participation.