Save the Black Horse

Save the Black Horse

The Black Horse has now reopened!

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The Black Horse is the last of five pubs once located in Dry Drayton and had been closed and put up for sale at the end of 2016. The Grade-II listed building is thought to date from the late 1700s or early 1800s and has been a pub since 1780.

Fearing sale to a developer, a community steering group was set up to raise funds to buy the Black Horse, renovate it, find a suitable tenant and re-open it.

During July and August 2017 we raised £200,100 in pledges from the community to buy the pub, created a credible business plan and formed Dry Drayton Community Enterprises Ltd. (DDCE), a community benefit society which would be the entity which would buy the freehold of the pub for the community.

At the end of August we received news that the pub had been re-leased to Colin and Amanda O’Neill who have now re-opened the pub and are doing a fantastic job!

The steering committee plan to put our efforts to buy the freehold of the Black Horse on hold indefinitely, but will keep everything ready to bring back up again should the need arise.

We are very grateful to the following organisations who have provided us with invaluable help and support during our save the pub campaign and fundraising:

Pub is The hub

Plunkett Foundation

Mythic Beasts